A Blessed King Teaser for you!

I’m working every spare moment I get on the first draft for Wiccan Queen but as Blessed King is out very soon, (Eek!) I thought I’d share a teaser with you…

You can preorder HERE and as it’s exclusive to Amazon you can read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited from the 22nd June onwards.

Here’s one of the songs I listened to a lot during writing this book. Heart of Courage and Protectors of the Earth were awesome songs to write battle scenes and witch fights to. I could imagine Jack and his loyal guards striking down the evil around them, all the fae in their battle armour, their armoured wings slicing through their enemy and Jack with Dragonsblood alight…

Ha, ha! I digress, sorry. Here’s the teaser for Blessed King. 

“Jack bent and scooped his shirt from the ground. Used to dressing now, he shoved his stump through the shortened sleeve and wrestled the garment over his head, leaving it loose around his waist. He grabbed Lyana’s hand. “You’re riding with me. Karl! You get to fly.” Karl saluted, looking far too pleased by that order. Lyana quirked a brow at Jack. “See?” she murmured. Jack strode around his horse, enabling him to mount using his left hand. He swung himself into the saddle. Wrapping the reins around his stump and bending his elbow helped him stay straight as he lifted Lyana with his other arm, easily settling her in front of him. She looked coyly over her shoulder and relaxed back against him. Jack wrapped both arms around her, pulling her in tightly. “There. Is that better than flying with another’s arms around you?” he whispered in her ear, brushing his lips in a feather light touch under her earlobe. He delighted in the shudder that travelled through her. In answer, Lyana placed her hands and arms over his, hugging him to her. Jack swallowed. This. This touch, this wonderful soul, is what made the exhaustion of ruling and of rebuilding worthwhile. He prayed to the Guardians he would never lose her.”

Excerpt From: “Blessed King.” copyright Karen Tomlinson.

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