A Small Gift For Anyone Who Loves To Colour…

I have had this cover concept drawing from Jonas Jodicke for many years. I never wanted to delete it as when he sent me this image, it was the first time I’d seen my characters in more than just my mind. He captured them so well and I still love it. I was trying to decide whether to put it out on social media but it may as well be used as sit on my computer unseen. 

I thought it might make a nice colouring project for these times of staying at home.  I hope you decide to use it. If you could take an image of your work and tag me and Jonas in it that would be fantastic. I own the copyright but this is Jojoe’s work and it would be lovely for him and me to see your projects (Facebook: @jojoesart ) (Instagram: @jojoesart )

My social links are here if you’d like to tag me.

Silver Guardians Facebook group 

twitter- @kytomlinson 

facebook page @ktomlinson.author 

instagram @kytomlinsonauthor

Enjoy your new project…

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