All the adulting!

So who here has teenagers? It can be hard trying to fit in writing with life responsibilities of any kind, and if you have children or dependents of any age, it can be almost impossible. I love my twinnie girls with all my heart but after doing the washing & ironing, going out for a walk with Minnie the Dally (who’s on season just to make life even more interesting), and doing the food shopping, I was really looking forward to getting some bookish stuff done. I have marketing posts, blog posts, social media posts to preplan, and many many stories to write, so you can imagine how ready I was to immerse myself in my fictional worlds and characters. I even took a G & T with me! Alas, nope! English oral exams took precedent. Ha! Me? Doing exam work with my kids!

I don’t know if you can relate to anyone with anxiety, but I know many teenagers suffer from it. And getting up in front of a whole class of their peers and giving a speech on a subject of any kind can be terribly daunting. Both of my girls have been in tears about it this week, and part of me hates that they have to go through it, but another part also knows that confronting the things we don’t want to do and meeting them head-on can be a great confidence booster.

We spent a long time going through the subjects that they have chosen, mainly to help them get their speeches straight in their minds. Their confidence has improved a little now. Annie chose: abuse of health care workers in the NHS, and Abbie, the Destruction of coral reefs. 

I am proud of the work they both put into their chosen subjects and hope that it goes well enough their confidence is indeed boosted and not destroyed. *Fingers crossed*

Needless to say, my writing/authoring time was significantly reduced this weekend but I’m hoping to catch up again soon.

How about you? Do you struggle fro time to adult and do the other things you want, or need, to do in life? (If you can’t comment here, just follow me through the Bloglovin’ app and you can comment on there. X)


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