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Hi folks, my name is Karen and I’m a fantasy and PNR author from the UK. I’m here today with Connor Rawson. Connor is the man most in my thoughts at the moment. Haha, except my hubby, of course;) And as the main male character in the Shadow Sentinels world, he gets into all sorts of trouble in this series, don’t you Connor?

“Sure do.”

Connor has agree to let me interview him for you, so you can get to know him a bit before Wrecked comes out on the 28th of November 2020. If you’ve got any questions for him or any of my other characters after this interview is over, you can join me in my Facebook reader group: Karen Tomlinson’s Silver Guardians, and ask away on there.

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“Yeah, make sure you follow her, folks. Or join her newsletter. That’s the only way to keep up with what me, Ember, and the other sentinels get up to in the future.”

Thanks, Connor.

“You’re welcome. So what d’you want to know?”

First off, why aren’t you wearing a shirt today?

“Hey, you know I only cover this gorgeous body when I have to! Besides, I’ve got a cover shoot for Redemption after this interview.”

Sorry. *faceplants in palm* Of course you do. Right well, let’s get to the questions then. I think readers would like to get to know you better. Where and when were you born?

I have no idea where I was born, so can’t answer that. My mother left me when I was about four years old. Good old dad looked after me after that, but he was a manipulative and cruel SOB so I ran away when I was about eight or nine years old. I lived on the streets of London until Cain Rawson found me when I was around thirteen years old. I’m nearly twenty-eight now, and have never looked back.

Sorry to hear you had such a tough start.

Don’t be. I’m not. Rawson and Lyss are-or were-the best thing that ever happened to me.

That’s good, Rawson and Lyss lovely. Okay, so we know that you’re a shifter. What’s your shifter spirit?

I’m a wolf.

Ah, okay.

Yeah, but not just any wolf, not even an alpha. I’m a Prime. That means I’m one of a rare kind of wolf-shifter who can dominate any other shifter. Like a king of shifters.

Right, I’d better not piss you off then.

Probably a good idea to stay on my good side, yeah.

Okay, so shifters are always looking for their mate. Tell us, what your perfect woman would look like?


Why are you smirking?

Am I? Just thinking about someone. My ideal woman is fucking perfect with bright red hair, green eyes, a figure to die for, and she has an attitude that drives me insane as much as it turns me on.

Right. That would be Ember then?

Absolutely right. No other female even comes close to her; they never have.

So you’ve found your perfect woman?

Yeah, she’s definitely my Firecracker.

Good. I’m happy for you, but you do realise it’s not going to be an easy ride through these books for you both, don’t you?

That’s because you’re playing with our lives and are going to give us hell before we can be happy.

*Evil smile* Of course I am. I don’t want your lives to be boring. So if you were to explain the first book in the series to someone who is completely new to it, what would you say?

I’d tell ‘em to get ready for a wild emotional ride. Our story isn’t for the faint-hearted. I mean, the baddie is an utter bastard, and that’s just the first one you meet. Ember is so strong right through the book though, you’ll love her. *smirks again* If you like shirtless, handsome alphas, with muscles and a bad attitude, then you’ll love my brothers as well. So go on and read it. It’s out on the 28th November 2020, and even though this has been a shit year for loads of people, you can escape into our world and read all about me, my Firecracker, and my brothers, and let us take you away fro a while.

What do you think the future holds for you and Ember?

Well, you should know.

Hmm, you can lean back now, you’re too close. Oh, and tell your wolf he’s not coming out to play.

How do you know Prime’s looking at you, right now? And by the way, he wants at you for all the heartache you’ve put him through, and that you plan to put him through in the Shadow Sentinels world.

I know he’s staring at me because those bright blue peepers of yours have gone black, and that alpha vibe you have going on is giving me goosebumps.


Yes, now sit back in your chair and answer the question.

Goosebumps, hmm?

*Grins *

Fine, I think my future, and Ember’s, is uncertain. I mean you’ve given us a lot of enemies to fight in Wrecked, and something tells me it won’t be easy to win this war between our mortal world and Hell.

I think you might be right. Well, let’s end the interview there. Thanks for your time, Connor. I know you have a cover shoot to do, and you have to get back to your Firecracker, too.

Yeah, I do. Thanks, Karen. And thanks for reading, folks. I’ll see you all in the Shadow Sentinels world. Get ready for the wild ride. If you haven’t been there yet just check out the link below and grab your copy. Oh yeah, don’t forget you can read in Kindle Unlimited too! https://amzn.to/32GXo11

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