Blessed King releases tomorrow!

¸.•*★1 Day to go!★´*•.¸

Can’t wait to share Jack and Lyana’s romance and struggles with you! If you loved The Goddess and the Guardians series dive into this story and see how Jack rebuilds his kingdom only to have it torn apart by war again. Witches, phantoms, wiccans, fae warriors and whole lot more will keep you laughing , crying and yelling for our hero and heroine.


“Blood. So much blood! He screamed—or he tried to. No sound erupted from his lungs. He was drowning in it, the stench of it everywhere. He couldn’t stand it. Enough! He clawed his way to the surface of the cloying, viscous liquid… “Jack!” Strong hands shook him awake, pulling him from the darkness of another bloody death.” Excerpt From: Karen Tomlinson. “Blessed King.”

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