Dealing with ‘Busy Brain’

I am really looking forward to Wiccan Queen release. Releasing a book is a busy time for most authors whether Indie or Traditionally published. There are a multitude of things to do from marketing, uploading to selling platforms, formatting, sending out Advanced read Copies, setting up social media posts and thinking about promotions and adverts… I could go on but I won’t! 

I am not yet lucky enough to make enough money from my writing to be a full-time author so I also work full time in Medical Education as well as write. The run-up to release day might be busy but it’s also a really exciting time, though I think it’s important to learn how to manage the amount of stress we authors tend to pile on ourselves to ‘succeed’. I concede success will look different for everyone whatever you do in life, but I’ve found myself feeling a little overwhelmed with my job list these last couple of weeks. 

I have to make myself stop and remember I also have children that I love and want to spend time with(not to mention the hubby and dally!) Now the colder autumn days are closing in where I live in the UK, I can enjoy what I like most which is walking outside in the cold fresh air. I find it grounds me. (The picture above is not from the UK but it looked really pretty and the sort of place I’d love to visit at some point so I chose to share it with you. The photographers link is here)

I also find giving myself time to do something utterly not writing related keeps my mind from getting so busy I can’t think clearly. I choose to go to the gym and attack the punch bags! Funnily enough, I always feel better and much more clear-headed after this!

What do you do to help with your stress levels and keep a clear head?


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