Do you support any Patreons or Kickstarters?

Do you support any entrepreneurs on platforms such as Kickstarter or Patreon? I have recently started following a few of my favourite authors and it’s really interesting to see how people run them differently.

I have started adding in regular question and answer sessions for all level of my patrons and am considering what types of products they might wish to receive for joining up. Another lovely author that I follow writes regular short stories for her patrons. I think that’s a lovely idea. It would certainly be an amazing thing to offer if, or perhaps when, I have more patrons to make it financially viable to spend the time doing it. Is that something that would make you consider supporting an author on Patreon?

My follower numbers a very small at the moment but they make a huge difference to my self-confidence and my plans for the future of continuing in the author business. I didn’t just start my Patreon to fund audiobooks but that is certainly where the funds are going to go once my patrons have helped raise a significant amount of money towards the outlay. 

I’d really appreciate your thoughts on what types of products and rewards would help you decide to support an author on Patreon. If you have time and could take a look at my Patreon page and perhaps give feedback on what I’m offering I’d be really grateful.



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