Foiled again!

Lol! I’ve had some time off work to be around for hubby after he had his op. I thought while he was resting downstairs, that I would do some writing… wrong! Minnie is a clever girl and she knows exactly how to get my attention and stop me from getting those words down. To be fair she usually stands on my head while I’m sitting at my desk! She can reach me if she stands on the bed and then puts her front paws on my head. Good job she’s small for a dalmatian! Today that didn’t work so she kept kissing my cheek! What can I say? She got my attention! I’m a sucker when she’s so cute! 

I gave her some cuddles and fuss and did eventually manage to get some words down, which was great. 

It was lovely! I would absolutely rather be at home and writing and cuddling my baby dally than at work and writing until the early hours of the morning!

Sadly, this lovely time off is coming to an end. I’ll be back at work next week. So I’ll be saying ‘hello’ to the wee hours again to get my words down, soon!

Just because it was lovely on our walk today, here’s some gorgeous frosty morning images!

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