Many people are suffering through very difficult times, not just with their health worries but with finances and even everyday things that should be simple—but aren’t. Shopping for essentials has become difficult either because there just isn’t any on the shelves or because of an inability to get to the shops.

Being in social isolation or even with social distancing, it can be very lonely and quite depressing. If you suffer with anxiety already I hope these times do not make your condition worse. Please try and occupy your time and mind with some nice things too! 

I am sending virtual hugs to all my readers and I really wish you well and that you stay safe in this difficult time. 

To try and help just a little, I have decided to share my full-length prequel novel for free. A Bond of Destiny and Dragons follows two of my favourite characters in the Goddess and the Guardians series. The story of Lexon and Erzion is a wonderful adventure, introducing the world of fae warriors, magic, dragons and all manner of other fantasy creatures and mischiefs. As always their story contains a healthy dose of romance and some amazing battle scenes. If this sounds like your kind of read and you want some escapism for a while then download here.

There is no requirement to sign up for my mailing list but you can if you like, and I am always happy to have people who genuinely would like to hear about my writing and releases.

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