#fridaybookshare anyone want to join in?

#fridaybookshare-what is it?

I love to share the good books that I have read or am reading now as I am sure many of you do. I am an author of a new YA fantasy series but I am also an avid reader. I Love books and the worlds they can take us to. The imagination of writers and readers never ceases to amaze me. I was just doing my morning twitter trawl when I came across a post by Betweenthelines blog. I clicked to see what it was about and the blog itself looks fabulous, but the hashtag that took me there was the #fridaybookshare. I read the comments about the different books people are reading and think its a fabulous way to introduce people to new authors and brilliant reads. So here is my Friday read

F irst line of the book

R ecruit fans by adding the book blurb

I ntroduce the main character using only three words

D elightful design (add the book cover)

A udience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Y our favourite line/scene

So I am reading a yet to be published novel at the moment. I only started it a few days ago so have not got far through it as I am editing A Bond of Blood and Fire, book 2 in The Goddess and the Guardians series; but rather than share the last SJ Maas book that I read, as I think they probably have enough fans and followers, I am going to share this one with you. This is a debut from author Lorraine M.L.M and is called SeQuence. The cover is stunning and although I have only read the first few chapters I love the writing style.

so here we go”

F In a Game of Sequence, there are three defining components:players, observers,and spectators.

R A young love. A new world. Four Kingdoms in a Game of Sequence.
Who wins when Life and Death are on the line?

From chaotic voices on Earth…
Haunted by voices inside her head, seventeen-year-old Alessia Appleton is incarcerated in a mental asylum. In her flight to sanctuary, she’s transported to Zeneshia, a breathtaking world under the sea filled with colourful forests and gigantic glowing moons. Here, she discovers the unique power of her mind—and how an entire kingdom’s survival is dependent on it. As she finds her true self, she falls irrevocably in love with Dante Erajion.

To the tranquillity of the Kingdom under the Moons…
Determined to avenge his mother’s murder, Dante isn’t looking for love until he meets Alessia. Together they unravel the past, inevitably kindling the Foretold Sequence of Hearts. In a world where Sequence takes precedence over chance, powerful forces manipulate the future and redesign Sequences, using Alessia as an unwitting cat’s paw in the Four Kingdoms’ Game of Sequence.

Love might not be enough to save them…
With Alessia and Dante’s destinies intertwined, their love is under threat…and so is the future of their people. As players of the Game make their first move, can young love survive the ordeals of a shifting Sequence to Life, Love, and Death?

Shortlisted for the 2015 Love Stories New Talent Award

SeQuence is the first instalment in the enchanting Young Adult Fantasy/Romance Series; The Heart of the Ocean. It is a sweet and romantic tale about first and forever love—sacrifice and courage in a mystical world of moonbows and myths.

I Self-aware, Strong but also confused


A I think people who love romance and a descriptive writing style will like this book. It is also aimed at young adult fantasy lovers

Y There are no winners or losers. You win as one; you lose as one; ultimately, you play.

I love that line yes it’s at the beginning of the book but isn’t that what life is about ? Playing the game? Yes in our world there are winners and losers in aspects of what we do but this is why this line intrigues me…I want to know more about the game, the Sequence in this book….

Hope you enjoy this little teaser of Sequence if you want to know more you can find Lorraine MLM here on facebook.

Thanks for reading!!

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