Happy Birthday to me!

AH! I’ve reached the half-century mark! How shocking! How did that happen? I’m not that bothered. Still feel 21 inside and all that. And tbh after this last 18 months or so, I’m just so pleased to be one of the lucky ones who survived Covid.

I am so happy to be able to spend my birthday with my family. I’ll be on the south coast of England enjoying the brisk English weather! I’ll still get to walk on the beach, go for Devon cream teas with my family, enjoy the countryside and just generally have a lovely time. 

I was going to take my hubby and girlies on a trip to Florida but Covid decided that I wasn’t, so I ordered a new kitchen instead! Hubby has been an absolute star and has done most of the work himself with some help where I can from me and even the girls (when we can get them off the K-dramas long enough to help) So I guess my birthday pressie to myself is a new kitchen!

I’ll still be writing while I’m away as I find it really hard to stop myself. The stories have to come out of my head and be written down. Owen and Selina’s story is in edits and is available to preorder through my website and all major book retailers. PREORDER LINKS HERE

Have a lovely week whatever you are doing and take care!

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