Happy Christmas lovely readers!

I just want to say Happy Christmas to all my readers. I know not everyone will have a ‘happy’ time but I still wish for some joy for you this holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Please stay safe in this crazy world.  

Hope you love the photo of Minnie our 9-month-old dalmatian. She’s totally nuts and eats pretty much everything she can reach. Hopefully, that will settle eventually, but I think in the meantime I’ll have to hide all the Christmas food. She even had my bottle of whisky off the side the other day and ate the cork before it all emptied into the carpet! Like I said–crackers!

Here’s a piccie of the stunning Cathedral in Lincoln U.K. Me and my family had a drive over there a few days ago and it’s such a stunning place, I thought I’d share it with you.

Here’s to you all having a peaceful and safe Christmas time.

Take care,

Karen xx

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