Happy Easter!

I don’t know if you’re religious or not, I’m not particularly, but I do love any time off work with my family. I always have bookish stuff to do. TBH it never ceases, but I’m making an effort this Easter weekend to spend some time with my girls and hubby. If Covid restrictions allow, we’ll also see my parents too. I’d really love to take Minnie the dally on a long walk as well. She is only just a year old so has huge amounts of energy to run off which is fabulous; it means me and hubby have to go out and take her for walks, or she drives us mad in the house! We live near the Peak District National Park in the UK. There are some beautiful walks. It’s usually crazy busy at bank holiday weekends but we might be able to find a quieter walk to take her on if we’re lucky.

What are you going to do this weekend whether you’re at work or at home?

Here’s Minnie in my daughter’s BTS cap. She’s not impressed! (Minnie or my daughter!)

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