In love with my next cover art concept!

Hey, how are you doing today? I’m still recovering from release week craziness! lol! I love it really. I have been talking to Christian Bentulan about the final cover for the Shadow Sentinels and also considering a boxset of the series which I could release in the next few months. But while I’ve also been considering the story arc for the characters in the Aether series, I went back and looked at the cover for the first book. OMG! I am so in love with it. It’s by Amalia Chitulescu designs. I was going to share the cover concept that she sent me, but this is a true and sad state of affairs of the digital world, I daren’t just in case someone steals it and uses her designs before I release the book. Isn’t that sad? 

I will be sharing all the cover concepts and cover art by both of these wonderful designers on my Patreon where I know who is seeing it and can control it a little better. If you’d like to get exclusive access to content, signed ebooks and signed paperbacks then just hop on over to my Patreon and see if you’d like to support me. It not only gives you exclusive access to behind-the-scenes info and content from me, it is there to help me save funds towards audiobooks too. 

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