Oh my, a bookshop!

A friend asked me to nip into a bookshop today if I was passing to pick up a copy of Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson. Of course, any excuse to go and inhale books and I’ll take it! (yeah, I’m one of those. The weirdos who love the smell of a book shop!) 

I wanted an excuse to go and look in the tiny little independent bookshop in a small town in Devon, (UK). I was most disappointed to find I couldn’t actually go inside, but merely look from the door. So there was no browsing, which my sensible, normal self, understood. However, my book worshipping, nerdy self, was like WHAAAT!? I can’t go in and spend hours looking at all these wonderful pages! It shouldn’t be allowed!

Ha! Ha!

Anyway, the lady behind the table at the door was mad as a box of frogs (English saying!) and so pleased we bought a book, it was great!

What was the last book or purchase of yours you made from an independent bookshop?

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