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The Goddess and the Guardians complete romantic fantasy boxset releases soon! If you haven’t read this series and love your fantasy series complete and ready to dive into then grab your copy on Amazon for only 0.99! 


This digital boxed set includes all four books in the Goddess and the Guardians series, more than 1,500 pages of fantasy, romance, magic, and fae!

A half-fae village girl with undiscovered power. A vicious fae warrior with a conflicted heart. And a bond powerful enough to strengthen them both, or tear their world apart.

When Diamond Gillon’s home is brutally attacked, she is catapulted into a terrifying, war-torn land where legendary beasts arise, magic is condemned, and half-blood fae like her have no rights. Inexplicably, she is drawn to Commander Hugo Casimir, a ruthless elite guard owned by the cruel, immortal fae queen. Forced by the queen to train her magic, Diamond becomes a weapon. Now she must triumph against the queen’s enemies or see those she loves, die.

Commander Hugo Casimir believes he is good for nothing but ending lives. To endure his servitude to the queen, he has built a wall around his heart and hides it away from the world. Only when he meets Diamond does he consider that his life can mean so much more, that he can be so much more.

But Hugo’s queen is determined not to lose his loyalty—or him. To keep Diamond alive Hugo must make them both believe he is as cold-hearted as ever. Neither Diamond nor Hugo are aware that beyond the veil to the mortal world, the god of Chaos awaits. Soon both must embrace the bonds which unite them and seize their destiny, for war is coming. And the fate of the Eight Kingdoms rests with them…

Prepare yourself for magical lands, heart-pounding battles, sailing through vast oceans, and flying with fierce dragons in this epic romantic fantasy that fans of Sarah J. Maas will love.

This breathtaking series is the read you never knew you were waiting for. Dive in now!

“Karen Tomlinson took this amazing story from a really good beginning to an amazing conclusion. Watching both the story and the author grow through this first work has been a privilege. If you haven’t read this series, do so now. I can see her as the next Sarah J Maas. She’s already so close!”

-Judi S *****

“This author has bestowed a gift on us with this series. It is not to be missed!”

-Amazon reviewer  *****

“I have one thing to say…Brilliant! I have not enjoyed that many fantasy series since Elise Kova’s Air Awakens series. I am sad that this series is ended, but so thrilled with the outcome of such an amazing adventure. Amazing. ❤” *****


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