Only 7 Days to go!

Emerald Warrior releases in a week! The 4th April can’t come quick enough! I feel like I’ve had Attion’s story waiting for you for ages.

Well, it will be with you very soon. For now, here’s a little teaser… Don’t forget to preorder while it’s on release offer of $2.99. 

” “Why did you come after me?” he asked, not releasing her from his penetrating stare. 

Even though he was still recovering from being gravely ill, it was overwhelming to be so near him, and her heart banged against her ribs at his undivided attention. “I wanted to help you,” she answered. Her voice remained a little rough, and she was still relearning how to form words. They hadn’t yet discussed the how or why of her being in his enemy’s clutches. She took a breath and sat in the chair opposite Attion. It seemed now was going to be that time.

Attion didn’t scoff or reprimand her. Instead he cocked his head and waited. That expectant air, filled with self-assurance and patience, was why others followed him, she realised. Not because he was overtly threatening or just physically stronger, but because he had total belief that others would defer to his authority.

Meri swallowed but didn’t drop her gaze. She wasn’t scared of him; he would never hurt her. No, her heartbeat was not a result of fear, but rather the tension that had built between them over the last four days. “

Copyright Karen Tomlinson 2020 © Emerald Warrior 

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