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Yay! I’m really happy to share the pre-order link to Shadow Sentinels: Beginnings. If you love kick-ass heroines and tough alpha bad boys with a sweet side, this series is going to knock your socks off!

This full-length novel is the first book in the series and will be followed by three more books. It follows Ember and Connor, who are wolf-shifters. They grew up together but life has taken them in different directions. Connor is a top agent at the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation and Ember is beginning to think about her future as a trainee.

Ember’s crush on Connor is something she had learned to live with until he kisses her and leaves her standing. When tragedy strikes, they find themselves battling the same enemies.

Find out how Ember and Connor survive the beginning of their adventures in this paranormal romance.

See below for the official blurb.

I’m offering this novel at an introductory sale price of 0.99 to introduce you to this exciting new world and the amazing characters who fight for themselves and those they love.

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Redemption must be earned…or lose your soul forever.

Does fate like to give you the finger?

I thought killing my family once would be enough for her but no, now she has plans for my new family—and me.

All I want is to find my place in this world. But becoming a trainee agent at the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation is not my ultimate goal. Especially when Connor is their top operative. But Connor is no longer the boy I grew up with, he is a tough, arrogant and gorgeous man, who kisses me and then leaves me hanging, not only that, but he disappears—completely.

The SBI say he’s dead.

I say powerful shifters like him don’t die easily. But fate didn’t just teach me that life is fragile, she also taught me that once you die you can be set free. Or at least I can…

Her other advice?
That those who wrong me pay. And they will…No matter how many times I die, vengeance is mine.

Get it now.

Welcome to the first book in the Shadow Sentinels paranormal romance world. If you love J R Ward, K. F. Breene, Patricia Briggs and Dannika Dark you’ll fall right into this exciting and addictive supernatural ride~prepare to have your heart wrecked and your morals ruined.

*This series is for 18+ readers only. Please only read if you enjoy kick-ass heroines, sexy alphas, love hot and sexy scenes, have no issues with bad language, and adore a good supernatural romp with all the usual suspects! If you do then dive in and hold onto your knickers (I’m British!) or any other item of clothing. You’re in for a ride!



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