Ember and Connor are leading me a merry dance tonight! But to be honest that might be because I am editing Ruin and also trying to work on their next book. I guess I have a busy brain! Do you ever try and work on more than one project at a time? Yeah, I agree; it’s not the most efficient way of getting things done! Well, it isn’t for me. The trouble is I have so much to work on, I feel guilty if I’m not doing one project to do the other. Don’t worry, I know how ridiculous that sounds!

What are your hacks for writing or working on multiple projects? 

For now, I’m going to try and do timed working. I’ll spend an hour editing and then go back to writing a little more of Ember’s next chapter before I book some marketing emails for Ruin’s release which is fast approaching! Lordy, Ember’s in a fix and she needs to figure out how to get out of it!

Right, back to work. Let me know what you do to organise your mind and workload! You never know, it might work for me too!


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