Releasing tomorrow!

You can get your hands on this hot and spicy book baby from tomorrow. I’m so happy to know Rawson and Ava’s story is soon out. I loved Rawson the moment he took shape in my head and I really hope you do too.

He has to fight his past demons to get his happily ever after. Though he isn’t your typical hero, he’s dark, sexy, and totally devoted to his mate once he admits Ava is the one who owns his heart.

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Here’s a little teaser for you…

Broken Alpha © Karen Tomlinson 2022


“I’m good!” I yelled back just as another vamp appeared at the top of the stairs and leapt at me. I barely had time to register his expensive suit and the glint of a gold watch before I pulled the trigger. The shot went wide and he shoved me into the bannister. My gun flew from my grasp.


His teeth locked onto my neck, but the body armour I wore covered my skin so his teeth couldn’t penetrate. Fumbling, I wrapped my fingers around the handle of the knife sheathed on my thigh. Lifting it, I drove the blade up through his gut before pulling it back and stabbing the side of his throat. The wounds wouldn’t kill him until he lost all of his blood. Even then, he’d just slowly rot, aware but unable to move. A horrible way to go, but… I stabbed and slashed at his femoral artery before shoving him off.

“Ouch! Shit!” I hissed, catching the large splinters of wood sticking out from my hand as I resheathed my knife. Bending, I picked up my gun.

“You won’t win! Your King, your queen, their children will all die…”

I shrugged and shot him in the shoulder. Yeah, he deserved to bleed and rot to death.

“Fucker!” I hissed at my stinging hand. Bracing myself, I pulled the larger splinters of wood from my skin.

D and Owen ran past me. We all wore body armour that was light and easy to move in. D glanced down at my bleeding hand. “Where are your gloves?” he growled.

“You know I can’t work in them,” I muttered.

“You can’t work with damaged hands either.”

I rolled my eyes, but he was right, so I didn’t bother answering. Instead, I kept low and caught up to Owen.





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