Ruin is, well, ruining me…

If you follow my writing, you will probably know that I’m beavering away on the third book in the Shadow Sentinels series. I have some time off from my full-time job and am using this time to try and catch up on some writing. Ember and Connor are fighting on all sides, and they are slaying me and my heart. Eek, I am so looking forward to sharing their story with you in the spring of 2021. 

Ember is still kicking arse, Connor is …. (well, now, that would be telling….) there are alphas galore, werewolves, new characters, demons, hot romance (very little fade to black hot scenes, folks;) and plenty of action.

I’ll set a preorder date as soon as I’ve finished the first draft and have an idea of how long editing will take me. In the meantime, if you haven’t started the Shadow Sentinels series, grab Beginnings and start the adventure there… 

stay safe, jelly-beans! xx

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