Shadow Sentinels: Beginnings Chapter 2 Teaser!

Chapter 2 teaser Beginnings!

This is your second look into the first novel in the Shadow Sentinels. It’s hawt! *fans self* Remember this book is for you if you love an adult PNR full of shifters and supernatural shenanigans!

Enjoy! Copyright 2020 Karen Tomlinson

I dipped my head. Once again, my hair fell forward in a heavy curtain and hid my heated cheeks. Oh gods! Could he really tell how turned on I was right now?

He reached out and tucked my hair behind my ear again, letting his fingers brush through the silky strands. “I adore all this gorgeous red hair, but don’t hide from me with it.” 

I shivered at his touch, and my eyes fluttered closed, a small moan of pleasure escaping me.

A calloused finger touched the superficial cut under my eye. “Em…You still haven’t answered my question.” His voice was low, but that soothing purr was accompanied with another pulse of power; a big one that had me gasping.

My blood instantly overheated. So did my skin. Fire awoke from her slumber, her attention perking up at my reaction to this alpha’s touch. She wanted to tangle with him, to pitch herself against him; to fight and to win. I snarled and forced her back. My wolf on the other hand wanted something very different; she wanted to submit, to let this alpha command her however he wanted . 

This time I did yank my hand from his. No way was I letting that happen! But my wolf lurched inside me, snarling at the loss of his touch. She had no intention of listening to me.

“Okay! Fine! It was you! Queen bitch said she was going to get you to fuck her! Again!” I blurted the words, unable to bite them back. My skin heated all over, my face flaming red, and not with my power. I snapped my mouth shut, and closed my eyes. The soft leather seat creaked as I sank deeper. Traitor! I growled at my wolf. She’d forced those words from my mouth. She ignored me and merely curled up, totally content at succumbing to Connor’s compulsion.


I could still hear the music playing through my ear buds. With shaking fingers I put them back in their case, missing one. It fell into my lap. Connor plucked it up between his forefinger and thumb.

“Ember, you need to listen.” He leaned close enough his body heat washed over me. With a precise movement, he placed the ear bud carefully back in the box. His warmth, and that spicy scent, bathed me head to toe.

I swallowed hard. Would he laugh at me? Or think me ridiculous for losing my temper over such a stupid thing? It wasn’t as if there was, or ever had been anything more between us than a crush on my part,.

His voice was gentle. “I have absolutely no interest in Shannon. She’s a nasty piece of work. She’s not worth one second of my time, and definitely not worth you worrying over. I haven’t seen her for months—not since Ava…died.” 

“I don’t care. It’s none of my business who you fuck.” It was so hard to hide my bitterness. His life, his friendship, and his attention was mine once, and I had adored it—I had adored him—but he’d left me behind… And yet, despite that, I couldn’t stand thinking of him with anyone else. It was truly painful to imagine that gorgeous body worshipping another female, of his lips kissing another’s, let alone Shannon’s.

“Em…it’s not that…” He sighed heavily and rubbed his hand over his face. “Listen, don’t get in fights on my account. You need to stay under the radar. Especially while you’re in the agent training programme. The bureau doesn’t like uncontrolled shifters; don’t get on the wrong side of them, especially Shannon’s father. Doherty’s got power, and he doesn’t like Rawson—or me. I know Shannon is allocated to the same training group as you, so you steer clear of her. And no matter what she says, especially about me, you ignore her. Okay?”

I still couldn’t look at him. Weariness leached all the energy from my limbs and I wanted this whole shit storm done with. It was a mistake letting Connor know he meant something to me. I sighed and looked out of the window, watching the rain hit the ground, bounce then join the flow and rush away in a fast stream. Just like the rain, people fell into your life, but eventually everyone left, caught in the flow of an unavoidable destiny; there was no point in loving anyone.

Firm but gentle fingers grasped my chin. Connor turned me to face him. “Okay, Firecracker?” I gulped at the tenderness in his eyes and the softness of his voice. 

“Okay,” I whispered, unable to look away.

He stared at me, his wolf bleeding into his gaze. That heady scent seeped into the air around us and I trembled, my wolf’s rumble resonating through me. Connor exhaled and his warm breath caressed my face. Instinctively, I inhaled as if his breath was a gift, especially for me. His attention settled on my mouth, and my heart stuttered. Energy crackled between us. My tongue reflexively licked a trail of moisture over my lips. A small snarl curled his lips, and before I could even consider what that meant, he groaned and slanted his lips over mine. 

My world tilted on its axis. His kiss was earth-shattering; everything I thought it would be and more. His tongue pushed against my lips, demanding entry. I gladly opened and let him in. My mind exploded with sensation as his tongue tangled with mine, tasting me, taking all I was and ruining me for anyone else. Desire slammed through my flesh and bones, making me ache for more.


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