Someone recently asked for a reading order for my books…

A reader recently asked if they needed to read all of my books in a certain order. 

The answer is yes, and no. Ha, sorry!

Okay, so what I mean is. Yes, some of them are part of a series and others are standalone books.

so the reading order is below and they are all available through Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

The Goddess and the Guardians series needs to be read in order. 

The Eight kingdoms world books can be read as a series but they are duets/stand-alone reads, and the Shadow Sentinels which is urban fantasy, needs to be read as a series.


The Goddess and the Guardians series:

1. A Bond of Destiny and Dragons (prequel) (free with mailing list sign up) Can be read as a stand-alone novel.

2. A Bond of Venom and Magic

3. A Bond of Blood and Fire

4. A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls

5. A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice

The Goddess and the Guardians boxset (e-collection only)

The Eight Kingdoms series:

1. Blessed King (duet #1)

2. Wiccan Queen (duet #2)

3. Emerald Warrior (stand-alone)

The Shadow Sentinels Urban Fantasy



3. Ruin

4. Reign (on pre-order)

The Aether Series (Coming winter 2021)

Hope that helps! Here’s my Amazon page link: https://www.amazon.com/Karen-Tomlinson/e/B01JF9SIR8 

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