The first draft of Reign is complete!

,, I started writing the last book in the Shadow Sentinels as soon as Ruin went for editing. I finished the first draft of Reign last week and am already a third of the way through first edits. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself as I’m already excited for this book to release. I’m really proud of the way the story has shaped up so far. I mean, it’s kind of a hot mess at the moment in that it needs a good tidy up to stream line it, but, yeah, Ember’s turning into a real tough cookie, and Connor’s, well, Connor! (swoon)

On my Amazon preorder page for Reign the release date is as far out as September but it will definitely be earlier. The date really depends on how much my editor thinks needs to be rewritten/revised, but I’ll keep you informed either here on my blog, or in my fortnightly newsletters. (if you’re not on my mailing list you can sign up  here, or by clicking on the newsletter tab at the top of the page)



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