The Goddess And The Guardians Teaser! Only 1 Day until release…

A little teaser from A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls Book 3: The Goddess and the Guardians…

“Do you know who you truly are? The real reason I took you from your home and family as a baby?” Griana asked.

Hugo snarled, hate scorching his eyes.

“No? Of course you don’t. You never wanted to ask, never wanted to know anything after I destroyed that human girl and that shape shifter who tried to steal you away. And I achieved my goal that day, didn’t I? I destroyed your ability to feel anything for anyone.” Her cold green gaze flickered to Diamond. “Until she came along. I wanted to kill her the moment I saw her and felt that whore’s magic in her blood. But I need her to get what I want—from you. Tu Lanah’s night is special to me. You know this well. You will give me the child I was promised, but first let me tell you why you are really so important, my prince,” she said, running her fingers possessively down his dirt-streaked cheek.

OOH! Hugo is in deep with his queen. Will he escape her clutches or die trying…? Read and find out!

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