Thoughts on my writing direction…

Just pondering the direction of my writing career. I have learned so much over the last three years and am trying to stay positive about time and effort versus financial income and business outlay. I know that constant positivity is important but that isn’t always possible for the majority of us. Do you find that sometimes being optimistic is hard? I released my first book nearly three years ago now and in some respects feel I have achieved a lot. I know I’ve learned a lot of authorish stuff, I’ve had Amazon bestselling tags on all my books except the prequel, I’ve attained a USA Today bestselling tag, I’ve learned so much more about the craft and business side too, including what not to do too, but I’m pondering the financial issues surrounding this career. It is an unfortunate necessity. I am starting to take some income into my author business but that income can be quite a disheartening thing to analyse when I think about all the hours and the effort being an author takes, not to mention the business costs. I’m not a full time author and work full time in Medical Education too, so releasing a book every three months like Amazon requires to get better visibility is nigh on impossible for authors like me. If you are one of those authors working full time too, then please feel free to vent your frustrations with me;) 

I adore writing fantasy but find myself pondering the direction of my writing, I doubt I will change my genre completely but I was having a giggle with some of the wonderful ladies I work with today about writing a contemporary hot romance or hot paranormal romance possibly under a different name. The consensus was a resounding “YES” when I asked if they’d be more likely to read a book written in that genre. 

How do you feel about those genres as a reader, or are you likely to stick to fantasy/fantasy romance?

Fantasy, especially romantic fantasy, will always be my first love and I will not stop writing it but it would be nice to dabble in something different sometimes. Hmm… I already have ideas buzzing through my brain, I just need more hours in the day to write them!

My next series is not going to be on the fringes of YA, instead I’ll just write what feels right for the characters in the Aether Chronicles which in my mind is adult romantic fantasy. I have nearly finished writing Wiccan queen so I can continue the planning and world building for the Aether Chronicles series soon which I am excited about. Once I’ve taken a little break from Wiccan Queen, I’ll go back to it to edit with a fresh outlook. 

Anyway I’ll keep you all updated with my progress.

Thanks for reading!

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