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I don’t normally do book reviews as an author as I think it puts us in an odd position sometimes, but I really enjoyed this so thought I’d share it.

I love all of Nicole’s books and am lucky enough to be on her ARC team. I don’t have time to review many books but I always make time for Nicole’s. They are a different genre to the books I normally read, and I love the change of pace and focus. 

Nicole’s books usually have very broken and damaged heros who are a-holes, and the women who are kick-ass, and strong enough to tame them. 

Restrained offers a nice change of pace. The characters actually hit it off and have a healthy start to their relationship which I really enjoyed. This book was a nice change of pace to the heavy emotional, throw your book across the room angst, that is in most of Nicole’s books. 

I really enjoyed the main characters in this book and would recommend if you’re looking for a nice, easy read while waiting for the shit to hit the fan in the next book…;)

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