What do you do to destress and clear your mind as a writer?

Sometimes as a writer my mind is crazy busy with all the ideas I need to write, the admin jobs I have to keep up with, formating, marketing and generally keeping up with everything that an indie author needs to do. Stick a full-time job in the hospital and medical school on top of that with a sprinkle of family life too, and my head can be ready to explode!

Since I had covid, I have also found my concentration is hard to keep and I get fatigued far more frequently than I used to. This didn’t happen to me pre-covid, so to reach the point where I am so tired I can’t think straight or keep my eyes open is something I find hard to accept. But life changes, our bodies change, and sometimes we have to accept we have to slow down. I am learning to adapt and change my working habit. I do a whole bunch of admin and try and keep ahead of myself in that respect with blog posts, facebook page posts, and reader group chats and games. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to stay in front long term but I’m trying. I find this gives me time to think about writing more. 

The best thing that helps me destress and clear my head is either a walk in the hills and wilds near where I live (well, about an hour’s drive away, if I’m honest) or if I am staying on the English south coast with my family, a walk on the beach. I could sit and watch the waves quite happily for hours at a time. Basically a change of scenery to a computer screen and some fresh air and nature do my state of mind and creativity the world of good.

What do you do to help your state of mind and creativity?

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