What do you like best?

I’m currently six chapters into writing the second of three books in the Aether Chronicles. 

The covers for this series are so stunning that I am considering doing a Kickstarter for them. I’d love to see them in hardback as well as paperback and maybe have a symbol/text cover wrap and the original art covers beneath. 

The series is a dark fantasy slow-burn romance. 

I’m considering my release schedule for this series. The first book is written and is awaiting my first round of edits. Because I’m thinking about how best to prepare a Kickstarter, I decided to move on to the next book. Ideally, I’d like to get all of the books written and the first round of self-edits done before I release the Kickstarter, so I can fulfill any orders quickly.

How do you feel about waiting and having the books in a quicker release schedule after the Kickstarter is completed? Just let me know via email what you most like when an author releases their books. That you don’t mind waiting longer for the release so that the books come out quickly, or that you prefer a slower release schedule, but you get the first book sooner.

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