“When will the rest of your books be available in audio?”

It was a joy recently when I got a lovely message from a reader asking when I will be releasing the rest of my series on Audible/audiobook. 

It was also mildly embarrassing to say I had no idea when. The reason is as always, finance. Each audiobook takes thousands to produce using a professional narrator. Even A Bond of Venom and Magic, which was created using audible’s royalty share system, where the narrator gets paid a percentage upfront and then takes a percentage of the royalties, was still around £1000.

I have a Patron precisely for the purpose of audiobook production. I am really grateful that I have a few dedicated and loyal Patrons who support my journey towards audiobook production. It would be great to have more followers to help

reach this goal. There are different tiers via which you can support me. The minimum is just a few dollars per month. Each tier offers different benefits such as personalised and signed ebook of my newest release, signed paperback, swag as it becomes available, deleted scenes, and exclusive teasers. If you’d like to help me reach audiobooks here’s where you can take a look. https://www.patreon.com/karentomlinsonauthor

And thank you!

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