Why you can only buy my books on amazon.

I had a recent question about why my books aren’t available to buy anywhere else but Amazon. 

I know this can be annoying for some who prefer to read with platforms like Kobo and iBooks. At the moment my books are in Kindle Unlimited. This means that they have to be exclusive to Amazon only in e-book format. My paperbacks can be sold anywhere though. With this in mind, I am currently in the process of setting up a shop on my website. That means you will be able to order signed paperbacks directly from me. How exciting! But I digress. At the moment most of my income comes via kindle unlimited page reads. I basically get paid about 0.0042 per page that a customer reads, so long as they don’t scroll to the end of the book, then I don’t get any money. The amount changes each month dependant on how many subscribers Kindle Unlimited has. 

I don’t sell enough copies of my books to take them all out of this subscription service yet. But it is definitely something I will continue to analyse. 

I am currently considering keeping my next release, The Aether Chronicles, on wide platforms. I haven’t made a definite decision as yet but will do some research and look into it. If in the meantime you would like to read on a different e-reader than a kindle, you can get personalised e-copy by supporting my Patreon. I deliver an e-copy of all my new releases to my supporters before they go into the exclusive program on Amazon. This gives you the opportunity to get a copy a different way and it’s exclusive to you. I also do readings for my supporters prior to a release.

What are your thoughts on buying on another platform other than Amazon?

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